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Pregnancy osteopathy


Pregnancy pain? It's incredible the adaptations your body makes through pregnancy and childbirth, but it's not always straightforward and pain-free. I really enjoy being able to use osteopathic manual therapy to help expectant and new mums through this special stage of life with safe and gentle techniques that help to ease pain and tension.

These can be a short course of weekly sessions to resolve a specific pain or issue, or ongoing treatment supporting the postural changes of pregnancy, dependent on each individual’s needs.  Please go ahead and book if that sounds right for you, or get in touch if you still have questions.

My Treatments

A Toddler and a Baby
Nursing Newborn
Upper Back Massage

Babies and Children

Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy for babies and children.

New Mum & Baby Home Visit (St. Albans)

A one off visit offering gentle manual therapy and feeding advice.

Infant Feeding Support

Advice and support for breastfeeding before and after birth.

Osteopathy for Everyone

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain; hands on manual therapy, tailored to you.

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