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Happy Baby

St. Albans Osteopath
Rebecca Wangi

Adult & Child Osteopath | Breast Feeding Coach

Osteopathy Treatments

A Toddler and a Baby
Nursing Newborn
Upper Back Massage

Babies and Children

Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy for babies and children.


I help expectant mums experiencing pain with safe and gentle techniques.

New Mum & Baby Home Visit
(St. Albans)

A one off visit offering gentle manual therapy and feeding advice.

Infant Feeding Support

Advice and support for breastfeeding before and after birth.

Osteopathy for Everyone

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain; hands on manual therapy, tailored to you.

Rebecca Wangi Osteopath

Osteopath, Cranial osteopath, breastfeeding counsellor...

Hi, I'm Rebecca:

I’ve been helping people out of pain and improving well-being for fourteen years now.  I use safe, effective and gentle manual therapy techniques to relieve pain and improve mobility and relaxation in the tissues.  As a registered Osteopath I have completed a four year degree and a minimum of a thousand practice hours prior to qualifying and continue to be held to high standards of knowledge, professionalism and safety.  I look forward to bringing my professional skills and human empathy to your pain or presentation.

"Affirming health, diversity and the dignity of being human"



FEDANT National Registration

Number 13450

infant feeding coach
General Osteopathic Council
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